Attracting Bluebirds, Flowering Shrubs and More

Browse listing of March 2017 gardening classes and clinics offered by local experts at the Nassau County Extension:

Flowering Shrubs Class

On March 1, 2017 at 10 am, Nassau County Extension Director/Horticulture Agent Becky Jordi will conduct a free Landscape Matters class about flowering shrubs. Every homeowner loves to have plants in the yard that flower. Ms. Jordi will discuss some of the hardiest selections for northeast Florida (especially those attracting bees, butterflies and birds). The class will be held at the Yulee Extension office on Pages Dairy Road and is free. For more information call the Nassau County Extension office at 904-530-6350.

Attracting Bluebirds

On March 15, 2017 at 10 am, UF/IFAS Nassau Master Gardener Candace Bridgewater will conduct a class on attracting bluebirds to your landscape. The class will include a short history of the bluebird, the two nesting bird enemies and how to best protect the bluebird, the ideal habitat, the best plant and other food sources for the Bluebirds.

​Paid, pre-registered attendees will receive a bluebird house to take home ($20 fee). Registration deadline is March 3rd by 5 pm. Registration forms are posted on Nassau Extension’s website. For more information, call the Nassau Extension office at 904-530-6350.

Plant Clinics, Identify Problems

On March 1 & 20, 2017 from 10 am until 2 pm, Rebecca Jordi, Extension Director/Horticulture Agent will conduct Plant Clinics. All Nassau County residents are invited to bring plant samples showing landscape problems to the Yulee Extension office on Pages Dairy Road. Problems will be identified and solutions offered for correction. There is no fee for this service. For information call 904-530-6350.

Master Gardeners are on duty Fridays from 10 am until 2 pm, call with your gardening questions at 904-530-6350, pres ‘1’ for the Yulee office.

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