Summer 2024 Kickoff – Nassau’s Opening Of The Beaches Bicentennial Event

Kicking off the summer beach season, celebrate coastal nature and special BICENTENNIAL festivities at Fernandina’s Main Beach Park.

MAIN BEACH EVENT -Watch Rehabbed Sea Turtles Be Released

For those who’ve never attended a sea turtle release, it’s a happy occasion that usually attracts a crowd of curious well-wishers and is a nice educational experience.

Pileated Woodpecker — Wild Amelia’s “Critter Of The Year” 2024

The 15th Annual Wild Amelia Nature Festival is happening in May 2024. The “Critter of the Year,” is the Pileated Woodpecker, learn more . . .

Florida Prioritizes Order And Student Safety On College Campuses

Editor’s note: Contributing columnist, Steve Nicklas, expresses his views and insight on various topics in Marketplace. — Steve’s Marketplace — Even elite universities need to be taught lessons. Even in freedom-loving Florida. The latest example is a lesson plan decreed by Gov. Ron DeSantis for Florida colleges. DeSantis mandated orderly conduct on statewide campuses, as […]