Real Estate Auction Amelia Island Properties

A real estate auction company is offering some Amelia Island, Florida properties at their April auction. One of the properties being auctioned is a Carlton Dunes (Summer Beach) oceanfront condo, representative of the top of the luxury condo market on Amelia Island…

18-Month Up Trend For Florida’s Home Sales Activity

Florida’s existing home sales rose in February 2010. Sales activity has increased for the past year and a half (18 months). Florida’s existing condo sales were up an eye-popping 59% from year ago.

Silent Government Taxes: “Silence is Golden”

Silence is golden, as the adage goes. For government, it couldn’t be truer — and silence could not be more golden. Lucrative silent taxes are popping up on the federal, state and local levels like blooms on azaleas.

Growing Gardenias; Palms For Colder Northeast Florida Winters

Having issues with your gardenias? Or perhaps you have “frizzle top?” (Not a “bad hair day” in Florida’s humid climate, but rather brown, twisted palm fronds.) Get answers from the gardening experts at Nassau County, Florida Extension…

Time to Reduce Nassau County, Florida Property Appraisals

The property appraiser has been quick on the draw to increase valuations while the real estate market soared to new heights. Now it is the appraiser’s responsibility to reduce the values to fall in line with the current marketplace.

SALT & LIME: Florida Gardening Tips

While salt and lime go well with Tequila poolside, they may be unwanted companions in Florida landscapes. If you’re a coastal dweller in northeast Florida, learn about salt tolerant plants for the garden (BONUS: some suggestions attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.) CAVEAT: Don’t add lime to your Florida lawn! (But use it for vegetable gardens.)

Ballooning Debt, Bills Rising Like Helium Balloons, Taxes

If it feels like your monthly electric and food and insurance bills are rising like a helium balloon on a windy day, stay tuned.
The tax man is likely to come knocking next. With a ballooning federal debt and a free-spending government, there is a likelihood of a plethora of tax increases…