Historians: “Real” First Thanksgiving In Florida

Florida historians want Americans to know that the “real” first Thanksgiving was in St. Augustine, Florida.

17-Foot Gingerbread Pirate Ship, Christmas Tree Lighting, Fireworks Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton

Stepping into the lobby of Amelia Island’s Ritz-Carlton hotel during the holiday season scintillates the senses.

“Tis The Season” For Wintering Whales Near Amelia Island

Facing extinction, critically endangered North Atlantic right Whales migrate to give birth in waterways off northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

Hollywood Celebrities, Films Made on Amelia Island

Some of Hollywood’s top stars have been on Amelia Island. Watch video of films made here.

Hummingbirds Love Coral Bean Flowers

Want to attract hummingbirds to your Florida garden? Try planting coral bean, a native Florida shrub.

Seaside Thanksgiving, Coastal Christmas Amelia Island

Holiday feasts, horse-drawn carriage rides, tree lightings, 17-foot gingerbread pirate ship, cookie tour, decorated home tour, holiday teas & parades.

Fixing Florida Foreclosure Home Lawn & Landscape

Over seed lawn with annual rye for now. Trees, shrubs from containers can be planted.

Omni Writing New Chapter On Storied Sea Island

Like rain greening resurrection fern, new owners, Omni Hotels & Resorts, are infusing their own nurture to Amelia Island Plantation.