Old Town Fernandina Celebrates Bicentennial

Trolley and boat rides, archaeological dig, historic home tour, re-enactors, pirates, treasure hunt, music, food, 5K run, Bosque Bello cemetery tour and more. Don’t miss Old Town Fernandina’s Bicentennial celebration.

Man’s Passion and Dreams Personified on Amelia Island

Legendary motor vehicles that marked milestones and astounded generations of past eras (some the subject of Hollywood movies) were on Amelia Island, Florida. Not just a car show, it’s a history lesson, and more fun and glamorous than sitting in a classroom.

Don’t Plant Trees Too Deeply; Camellia Flower Blight

A tree planted too deeply will look like a fence post rather than a tapering tree. Also learn about Camellia Flower Blight and Coral Bells (Alumroot, Heuchera sanguine). Read Garden Talk Q & A by Rebecca Jordi, Nassau County Extension Director.

Fernandina Management Penny Wise, Pound Foolish?

Skirting on a project that will protect our beaches is no way out of a financial pinch. City Manager Michael Czymbor decided himself that the city would no longer pay its part of a long-term beach nourishment project.