Northeast Florida Real Estate Drought Subsiding?

In Fernandina Beach, home sales prices have soared by 36 percent in recent months — to an average price of $257,790. Fernandina Beach experienced the second-highest increase (by percentage terms) among cities in the state of Florida in home sales prices over the last two quarters.

Crape Myrtle Problems? Barking Treefrogs?

Questions have been popping up about issues with crape myrtle trees. See solutions offered by Nassau County, Florida Extension Director and horticultural expert, Rebecca Jordi. Heard any barking treefrogs lately? Read “Garden Talk” Q & A.

Amelia Island SunSplash Music Festival on the Beach

An event held right in the sand at Seaside Park, Amelia Island SunSplash August 6-7, 2011 features live bands and a weekend packed with events (free admission to the festival, free parking). This year’s line up of live performances include The Resolvers, Klob, Hupp & Ray, Charlie Crews, Spred the Dub and Jenn Burns & Friends.

Kelley and Young For Citizen-Friendly Government

Kelley and Young are tirelessly championing frugal, streamlined, citizen-friendly government. Less spending. Fewer taxes. More efficiency. Being a lone voice on a commission or board can be lonely, however. Especially when you are the new politician on the block.