Amelia Island’s Fall Beach Days, Nature, Outdoors

There’s lots of time to enjoy lazy days at the shore on this northeast Florida barrier island after Labor Day. September historic average temperatures in Fernandina Beach are a high of 85 and evening lows average 73 degrees. Then there’s October, a perfect month for outdoor activities.

Bike Ride on the Beach, Amelia Island
Beach Bike Riding, Amelia Island, FL

As summertime slips into fall, there are plenty of pleasant beach days still ahead on Amelia Island. In fact, if you want a more “private island” experience, the beaches are fairly empty already since Florida and Georgia’s schools went back to session.

With the exception of the Labor Day holiday weekend which attracts crowds to the shore, the remainder of summer’s slide into fall will be a time to find plenty of relaxing solitude along much of Amelia’s 13 miles of shoreline. So if you haven’t gotten away yet this summer, it’s not too late!

Although it’s more seasonal here at the Florida-Georgia border than central and south Florida, there’s still at least another month of hot beach weather to enjoy Amelia’s sparsely populated stretches of shoreline.  September’s historic average temperatures in Fernandina Beach are a high of 85, with evening lows averaging 73 degrees. With Florida’s heat subsiding, October is a perfect month for outdoor activities when the “dog days” of summer have passed.  While typically still warm enough to spend time at the beach, October is a prime time to play golf, enjoy local nature, the waterways and fishing.

Just take a bike ride on Amelia’s wide, flat beaches around low tide — a great outdoor activity whether you’re pedaling solo, with a friend, or taking a family excursion (photo above taken toward the northend of the island).

September evenings may provide opportunity to watch a sea turtle nest excavation at the beach, read more. Autumn is also an ideal time for a visit or camping trip to Fort Clinch State Park. A Florida State Park that spreads across Amelia Island’s northern tip, Fort Clinch is a must see destination when visiting northeast Florida! Go hiking, biking, fishing or bird watching at Fort Clinch, a great venue for nature observation. Another spot to check out flora and fauna and wonderful place for a hike or bike ride is Egans Greenway (excellent for birdwatchers and photographers).

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By W.B. Lawson

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