Birder Alert! Beautiful Painted Buntings on Amelia Island

What’s North America’s most colorful song bird? The male Painted Bunting, vivid blue, red, and green. Lucky Amelia islanders have the opportunity to get a glimpse of this beautiful wild bird.

Fernandina’s Fabulous For Bike Riding

Pedaling a bicycle at water’s edge right on the beach at low tide is one of the great pleasures of island living. Bike riding on Amelia Island’s wide, flat beaches has caught on with visitors, too.

Amelia Island, Tale of a House Sale

Housing market hurdles include artificially low appraisals, tight credit, and potential shadow market.

The Unforgettable American Beautyberry

Take a nature walk in Amelia Island’s Egans Greenway or Fort Clinch State Park to see the fall color of American beautyberry. With its intense purple berry-like fruit in clumps along the stem (a shish-ke-bab for birds), once discovered is hard to forget.