Florida Governor Trumpets Expansion at Omni Amelia Island Plantation

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott came to Amelia Island last week to trumpet the Omni’s expansion plans at Amelia Island Plantation. The $85 million project will enhance many of the Plantation’s amenities. The project will create jobs, tax revenues, and a feeling of prosperity for Nassau County. It is encouraging when billionaire businessman and Omni owner, Robert Rowling, invests in your area.

Forward Fernandina Plan Expensive, Controversial

Not only is the Forward Fernandina plan expensive, but it contains more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Maybe that is why it has become so controversial.

Getting Landscape Ready For Northeast Florida Winter. Acorns Galore!

Noticed a bumper crop of acorns this year? Tips for winterizing landscapes include adding potassium (potash) to Northeast Florida lawns now. Also, fertilize palms and cycads with a palm fertilizer. Irrigate plants 24-48 hours prior to a freeze. Read more from Nassau County, Florida Extension expert.

Positive News For Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate Market, Economy

The Jacksonville, Florida housing market has been ranked #4 of the “Top 20 Healthiest Housing Markets” in the USA by Builder magazine. Furthermore, the metropolitan area is poised to “fare better in its economic recovery than most of the rest of the state over the next three years.” Locally here in Fernandina Beach, new construction activity is beginning to sprout once again.