It’s Easy To Grow Mint in Florida, Feeding Hummingbirds

Mints are some of the most easy-to-grow perennial herbs for Florida gardeners. Also learn about how to attract hummingbirds (and recipe for sugar water).

Miss Shrimp Festival Scholarship Pageant 2012, Fernandina Beach

The deadline for young ladies to register to compete in the Miss Shrimp Festival Pageant is April 10, 2012. An annual tradition during the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival (held the first weekend in May each year), high school level juniors and seniors are eligible to enter and must live in Nassau County, Florida.

Nassau County Extension Gardening News, Free April Clinics

Turf grass and lawn maintenance tips, container gardening, and free plant clinics offered by the Nassau County, Florida Extension March 28th through the end of April 2012. Lots of great gardening advice from the experts!

Failure to Acquire Tebow Leaves Bitter Taste in Jacksonville

Few can successfully take a bite out of the “Big Apple.” Tim Tebow is someone who can. The failure of the Jacksonville Jaguars to acquire Tebow has left a bad taste in the mouths of local fans and contradicts the promise of new Jaguars’ owner, Shahid Khan, to do what it takes to bring a winning — and entertaining — team here to a city hungering for one.