Location of Dumpster At Main Beach Park, Fernandina Creates Social Stink

The location of a dumpster placed in middle of the parking lot at Main Beach has created a stink on social media. While a brick wall and a gate enclose the dumpster, someone said it was like putting lipstick on a pig. Either way, it’s hard to miss.

Florida Gardening: How To Repot Orchids. Kitty Chewing Plants?

Is your cat eating plants? Find out toxic plants to keep away from your precious pet. Also, how to repot and care for an orchid. See September 2012’s free gardening clinics. Did you know Master Gardeners are on office duty at the Nassau County Extension every Friday to assist you?

Fiscally Conservative Candidates Made Clean Sweep in Nassau County, FL

There were no hanging chads, no recounts, no controversies. It was simply the political process working the way it should. And Nassau County, Florida will be a better place to live, work and visit for it. An impressive group of fiscally conservative candidates made a clean sweep in various races last week involving Nassau County.

Amelia Island Turtle Trot 2012

Start Labor Day Monday with a spectacular beach sunrise followed by a feel-good event supporting sea turtles.