Fernandina’s Main Beach Boardwalk Project Begins After Labor Day

About half of the boardwalk will be removed after Labor Day 2013 and construction of new one will begin.

Nassau County Business Growth Hormone: Private Capital Infusion

An injection of private capital into Nassau County, Florida has invigorated retail businesses here — as if they had received a growth hormone. In this case, the ingested steroid is BGH, or “Business Growth Hormone.” And the side effects are positive – record tourism, booming retail sales, a brighter outlook.

Florida Gardening: Beautiful Blue Plumbago. Toxic Water Hemlock

What is “the most violently toxic plant growing naturally in North America?” It’s here in Egans Creek Greenway, learn more about water hemlock. Beautiful flowing plant, plumbago, is an excellent choice for northeast Florida gardens, loved by hummingbirds and butterflies, with few diseases or insect issues.

Efforts To Save Fernandina’s Historic Post Office

Historic Centre Street’s “old” post office in downtown Fernandina was slated to close August 10, 2013. However, appeals were filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission. The Italian Renaissance Revival-style building, circa 1912, is in need of major renovation.

Amelia Island Real Estate: Construction Activity, Investment

It appears the foundation is built and the housing industry framed for growth. Many residential construction projects are underway around Amelia Island. Plus, national retailers appear to be banking on the growth in the Amelia Island and Yulee area. Newcomers in the local marketplace include Panera Bread and JoAnn Fabrics. Plus, a new Yulee 10-screen movie theater is to be built. See more, photo gallery.

Where Are The Wealthy Moving? Money Trail Leads To Florida

A book, “How Money Walks,” indicates that more wealth has migrated to the state of Florida, than any other state in America during the last two decades. Also, the amount of money moving to Florida beats other states by a huge margin — more than three times as much as the next runner up (Arizona). Why do the wealthy choose Florida? Read more…

Fernandina New BIZ Owners Get “Mandricked”

In Fernandina Beach, a widely used term or expression has originated from City Hall, “mandricked.” It is associated with the painstaking process that new businesses must go through to receive final approval from the city to open their doors. Read more by Steve Nicklas.

FLORIDA GARDEN TALK: Colorful Caladiums, Giant Reed Bamboo

Environmental Horticulture Agent III, Rebecca Jordi answers questions about landscaping and gardening in northeast Florida. Growing Caladiums and bamboo are discussed in this August column. “There are few plants to rival the beauty of caladiums, especially when you consider how easy they are to grow.”