New Microbrewery & Distillery to Open in Fernandina Beach

Funky brew pubs are forming in North Florida as quickly as a foamy head on a freshly poured beer. A new microbrewery plus a new distillery will be opening in downtown Fernandina Beach later this year.

Nature Cruise: Fernandina Beach Shrimping Eco Tours

Amelia River Cruises is offering a special Shrimping Eco Tour 3 days a week during summer 2014. With a marine biologist aboard, an otter trawl net is deployed and dragged behind the boat and its catch dumped into tank for close-up look. A great learning experience!

Turtle Time: Watch Amelia Island Sea Turtle Nest Dig

Visitors of the night, sea turtles land on Amelia Island to deposit eggs and venture back to sea. The first two sea turtle nests of the 2014 season were rare leatherbacks, the world’s largest turtle.

Fort Clinch Then & Now. Restored By “New Deal”

A legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, Fort Clinch’s restoration was a project of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

BEWARE: Don’t Disturb Amelia Island’s Nesting Beach Birds

Development along Florida’s coast has had a devastating impact on shorebird nesting. Be aware of sensitive bird nesting areas on Amelia Island where visitors should proceed with extra caution.

JULY GARDENING TOPICS: Free Plant Clinic. Wildflowers

Wildflower False Dragonhead (physostegia) is identified as well as White Titi. Got problem plants? Bring samples to the experts at Nassau County Extension, free plant clinic to get solutions to gardening and landscape problems.

Amelia Island’s 4th of July Fireworks & Holiday Weekend

America’s 4th of July holiday weekend will be celebrated on Amelia Island with fireworks at the riverfront and beachfront, the Stars & Stripes Freedom Festival, Sounds on Centre free concert downtown in historic Fernandina Beach and a living history weekend at Fort Clinch State Park.