Amelia Island Georgia-Florida Football Weekend 2014

An annual tradition, college football fans flock to Amelia Island for one of the South’s biggest rivalries, the Georgia Bulldogs vs. the Florida Gators. Check out the festivities, enter sweepstakes for chance to win “Gridiron Getaway contest.”

The Middle Class: China’s Game-Changing Demographics

China boasts 350 million middle-class citizens (the same size of the entire U.S. population). 100 million Chinese traveled outside their country this year and spent an astounding $7,500 per person, per trip, the highest in the world.

Nectar Gardening For Butterflies and Bees. Bi-Annual Plant Sale.

Learn about the importance of pollinators — bees, butterflies & beetles. Opportunity to take home “do-it-yourself” make & take bee houses. Also, don’t miss Nassau County Extension’s bi-annual plant sale.

Horseshoe Crabs Are Life-Saving Medical Miracle

The horseshoe crabs’ blue blood has been called a “medical miracle,” and the “biomedical equivalent of gold.” One quart of horseshoe crab blood is reportedly worth $15,000.