Shrimp Festival May 1-3, 2015 in Fernandina

BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR: Parade, pirates, fireworks, shrimp, art show, concerts, Kids Fun Zone, festive atmosphere. BONUS: Perfect weather forecast.

Florida Reaping Benefits From North’s Harsh Winter

Florida is emerging as a winner from a tough winter in the north. The harsher the winters, the greater the flow of people visiting Florida and moving here. Warm trumps cold.

Go Wild For Shrimp From U.S. Waters

America has a huge appetite for shrimp, the nation’s No. 1 seafood. U.S. “wild-caught” shrimp is Consumer Reports’ top choice in the marketplace. Shrimp buyers beware, read about shrimp quality and safety issues.

Get Rid of Lubber Grasshoppers, “Eating Machines”

Nassau County, Florida Extension recommends getting rid of eastern lubber grasshoppers, described as “eating machines.” They like just about anything green.

May 2015 Gardening Clinics, Classes, Plant Sale

Learn more about palms and harmless vs. poisonous snakes. Bring problem plants for diagnosis to a plant clinic. A “Master Gardener” plant sale will be held May 30th at James S. Page Governmental Complex.

Retirement Crisis May Be Looming

Some say the 401(k) experiment is a failure. The median balance of all the 401(k) plans out there is a paltry $18,433 — not impressive — or okay.

Beekeeping, Planting For Bees, Butterflies, and Florida Native Landscaping

Amelia Island has beekeepers, including this barrier island’s top two resorts. Learn about planting for bees and butterflies and Florida-Friendly native gardening.

Greyfield’s “Top Chef” & Culinary Program

A recent “Top Chef” contestant (of BRAVO’s hit TV show), Whitney Otawka, will lead a farm-to-table mission at Cumberland Island’s Greyfield Inn.