Barrier Island Beekeeping at Florida-Georgia Border

Amelia Island, FL and neighboring Cumberland Island, GA have busy bees and their keepers crafting honey.

401(k) Plans, Some Rules To Help Guide You

If your 401(k) plan got reduced to a 201(k) by the financial collapse in 2008 and never recovered, you probably need help. Read more about some rules to help guide you. Also, financial advisor, Steve Nicklas, will offer his popular “Investing in Today’s Financial Markets,” this fall, a free class on Amelia Island beginning Oct. 18, 2016.

Nassau Extension Fall Plant Sale, Free Clinics

Master Gardeners of the Nassau County Extension will conduct their “Fall Plant Sale” on October 22, 2016. Also attend free plant clinics, a tree planting class and find out what bulbs do well in Florida.

Accuracy Of Polling In Question

The primary change with polling has to do with telephones. Fewer people have home phones, preferring instead to use cell phones. So who really answers the pollsters’ calls?