Cumberland Island After Hurricane Matthew

The National Seashore closed after 10-7-2016 hurricane Matthew, to re-open soon.

Cumberland Island Georgia bike riding trail through wilderness
Cumberland’s Main Sandy Road Cuts Through Wilderness
Cumberland Ferry Service Reopens

Good news about Amelia’s next door neighbor, Cumberland Island, GA, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew (that passed by offshore October 7, 2016). As far as the historic homes/buildings on Cumberland, the National Park Service has stated the “buildings only sustained minimal damage, primarily from wind…no reports of flooding damaging a structure.” Also, the ferry service from St. Marys to Cumberland’s Sea Camp dock (only) resumes operation October 28, 2016.

Cumberland Island Docks Damaged

Cumberland Island National Seashore was closed in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Just like the northside of Fernandina’s downtown marina, the Dungeness and Sea Camp docks at Cumberland Island (where the main passenger ferries from St. Marys, GA drop island visitors), also suffered damage.

Reopening After Temporary Closure

Three weeks from the day Matthew blew by the coast, the National Seashore is reopening day trips to the island starting Friday, October 28, 2016 for ferry passengers via one dock only, the Sea Camp dock. The “Lands and Legacies” tour will also resume. Advance reservations for both the ferry and this tour are required, as usual. Learn more about Cumberland Island and why you should visit this serene southern sea island, view photographs, highlights.

More details about the reopening of the park after Hurricane Matthew follows (from Cumberland Island National Seashore per 10/26/16 statement):

Ferry To Cumberland Island

“The Cumberland Island ferry will resume its regular schedule, but will only be docking at the Sea Camp dock. The park plans to resume taking camping reservations December 1, 2016. The south end of the island is open, but trails in the northern wilderness may be closed due to damage from the Hurricane. Please follow all posted signs. The Museum remains closed due to repairs. Sea Camp and Dungeness docks are closed to private boaters. Plum Orchard dock is open to private boaters starting Oct. 28th. Space is limited.”

How To Get To Cumberland Island

The only way to get to Cumberland Island is by boat. The public access ferry departure is located in St. Marys, Georgia (about a 45-minute drive north from Amelia Island). The spring/summer 2017 ferry to Cumberland Island departs at 9 am and 11:45 am from St. Marys, GA.

The 2017 cost for one adult to visit Cumberland Island is $35 (ferry ticket cost is $28 per person, reserve seats in advance online, plus a $7 park entry fee). DIRECTIONS TO FERRY DOCK: When driving to St. Marys, put the Cumberland Island’s visitor center address in your GPS, located near ferry dock, 113 St. Marys Street, St Marys, GA 31558. NOTE: Bicycles can be transported on ferry (but space is limited) for a $10 fee, or rent a bike for $16 from ferry company (availability is first come, first serve).

UPDATE: In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Cumberland’s Dungeness arrival dock still remains closed in spring 2017 with the ferry dropping day trippers at the Sea Camp Dock (about a mile north of the popular Dungeness mansion ruins).

Greyfield Inn's Ferry, Lucy R. Ferguson, Arriving at Fernandina Harbor Marina 10-20-16
Greyfield Inn’s Ferry, Lucy R. Ferguson, Arriving at Fernandina Marina 10-20-16
Greyfield Inn, Cumberland Island

Lastly, the lovely Greyfield Inn, Cumberland’s only overnight lodging establishment (other than camping at the National Park’s campgrounds), escaped damage and the inn’s dock (where their private ferry, the Lucy R. Ferguson, drops guests, is dockable). Lucy was spotted arriving at the accessible part of Fernandina’s downtown marina this week (photo above), and, as usual, can pick up guests directly from Fernandina.

Greetings from Greyfield & the island! These are images just taken a few minutes ago! We fared very well @ Greyfield -…

Posted by Greyfield Inn on Saturday, October 8, 2016

We wish our northern neighbor well and can say whole-heartedly that Cumberland is one of the most magnificent natural places to visit on America’s southern Eastern Seaboard. It’s definitely a trip for the bucket list of any nature lover and history buff. Learn more about Cumberland Island here.

How To Visit Cumberland Island

To make reservations for the St. Marys ferry or the Cumberland Island “Lands and Legacies” Tour, contact the ferry service concessionaire at or by calling 877-860-6787.

Get more info at the Park Service’s Cumberland Island National Seashore Facebook page and follow them for ongoing park updates and news.