TRIM Notices Reveal Excessive Tax Rates

The Truth In Millage (TRIM) notices reveal how much you owe in property taxes. But there is nothing trim about the excessive tax rates proposed by local government agencies.

Nassau County Florida

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Sometimes the truth hurts. Especially this year, when the truth really hurts for Nassau County residents and businesses.

The Truth In Millage (TRIM) notices are being mailed, revealing how much you owe in property taxes. But there is nothing trim about the excessive tax rates proposed by local government agencies.

Tax increases abound. Despite a flourishing economy and soaring property values. And that’s the unbridled truth.

When proposing tax increases, government officials must advertise them. And taxpayers can voice their feelings. “I hope they’re screaming about the tax increases,” says one county official.

People living, working and investing in Fernandina Beach will be hit the hardest. The property-tax rate for the city is proposed to increase 32 percent over the rollback rate (that would generate the same taxes as last year).

In addition, property values around the county have increased dramatically over last year. So you’ll see a higher market value of your property on your TRIM notice. You apply the tax rate to your property’s value to determine your taxes.

If your property is your primary residence, you get a reprieve as your homestead. A handsome one, that is. By state law, homestead properties are capped by how much they can be valued. Second homes or investment properties do not receive the same favorable tax treatment; businesses received some protection, but not much.

And don’t underestimate the impact of burdensome property taxes on our vibrant real estate market. Someone who buys a $500,000 house in the city limits will pay nearly $1,000 a month in property taxes alone. This seriously impacts retirees who are considering a move here, for instance.

Much of the prosperity we are enjoying is from the influx of new residents, businesses, industries, etc. A community is either growing or dying. Ours is growing, albeit at too fast of a pace for many residents.

However, we do not need our government agencies to grow more rapidly than even the population. In Fernandina Beach, property tax increases have been 9 percent for 2017, 11 percent for 2018, and a whopping 32 percent for this year.

This is the truth. And it hurts. ———————-

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