Executive Orders Create New Procedures For Travelers & Lodging Providers

Arrivals from Coronavirus “hot spots,” New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport
Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

Arrivals from New York Tri-State Area To Be Identified

Nassau County, Florida Manager, Mike Mullin, issued Executive Order No. 3 that became effective at 5 p.m. on March 27, 2020. (Read the full text of this order further below.)

Tri-State Travelers To Self-Quarantine For 14 Days

This order requires individuals from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut arriving in Nassau County, FL by automobile, or any other method of motorized transportation, or through Amelia Island’s Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport to “isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into Nassau County, Florida or the duration of the person’s presence in Nassau County, whichever is shorter.” (UPDATE: A new executive order adds individuals from Louisiana, as well.)

The County order follows Florida Governor’s Executive Order 20-80, which calls for similar action for those arriving in Florida through International airports. It will remain in place until the declaration of the Local State of Emergency expires.

Nassau County Florida

“The county took this action based on information regarding individuals from the Tri-State area who have arrived in Nassau County by car or through the local Fernandina Beach Airport,” said Mike Mullin. “The order from Governor DeSantis made it clear that our community could be adversely affected by people coming from that part of the country.”

The County order also requires anyone from the New York Tri-State area who arrived in Nassau County on or after March 23, 2020, and is still in Nassau County as of the date of this order, to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from March 23rd, or for the duration of the their presence in Florida, whichever is shorter.  These orders do not apply to those individuals employed by the airlines and those performing military, emergency or health response.

The new County executive order requires local lodging establishments and short-term rental companies to provide daily updates to the Amelia Island Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), including the number of occupants and state and city of origin for each occupant.

“We work seamlessly with our local tourism partners and I have no doubt they will fully cooperate with the terms of the order for the good of this community and the swift return of a healthy local economy,”

Gil Langley, President and CEO of the Amelia Island CVB.

The operator of the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport will provide names and addresses for individuals arriving from the New York Tri-State area to the Nassau County Health Department. In addition, each person disembarking at the airport and/or checking in with an overnight accommodator will be given a copy of the local order and the Governor’s order.

Executive Order 20-87 — Vacation Rentals

A new Executive Order (20-87 issued March 27, 2020), directed vacation rental properties in the state of Florida to suspend operation for 14 days. According to this order, “vacation rentals are prohibited from making new reservations or bookings and shall not accept new guests for check-in for the duration of this order.” The order “shall expire in 14 days, unless extended by subsequent order.”

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Nassau County Executive Order No. 3:

3/27/20 @ 4:00 p.m. – “The Governor issued Executive Orders 20-80 and 20-82 mandating that individuals arriving in Florida through International Airports isolate or self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. Those Executive Orders did not apply to our local airport, or consider individuals arriving to our County by vehicle.

As a result, the County Manager just issued Executive Order No. 3 mandating the individuals from the NY Tri-State arriving in Nassau County, Florida by automobile, or any other method of motorized transportation, or through the Fernandina Beach Airport, also isolate or self-quarantine for 14 days.

The Order also mandates that any lodging establishment or person or entity that is subject to the local Tourist Development Tax shall report to the Nassau County Health Department the names of the individuals and the room or location they are occupying. Anyone from the NY Tri-State area who is inquiring about rooms shall be advised that there is a mandatory self-isolation/quarantine requirement by the lodging establishment, person, or entity. Failure to do so will be considered a violation and subject to a second-degree misdemeanor. Additionally, any person who fails to self-quarantine shall be subject of up to sixty (60) days imprisonment and a fine of not more than $500, or both.

Sabrina Robertson
Nassau County, Florida Manager’s Office

I-95 Check Point At FL-GA Border

At the Florida-Georgia border, Nassau County is the gateway to Florida on the east coast. To identify visitors arriving from coronavirus “hot spot” states, Florida’s Governor also put in place a motorist check point, coordinating with the FDOT (Florida Dept. of Transportation), on Interstate 95 at the east Florida border (see more about Executive Order 20-86).