Opening Dates Set For Amelia Island’s County & City Beaches

Watch a beach sunrise. Take a walk. Ride a bike or go fishing. Or just sit and relax along the seashore. Beaches opening for all activities (with social distancing).

It’s Time To Open Beaches and Economy

Amelia Island faces a dilemma. The island has a tourism-based economy, with no tourists. 2,700 people from the local tourism industry have been suddenly cast to the unemployment lines.

Joan Bean’s Doorway To Dance

Joan Bean led a full life and made a lasting impression on those she met along the way. An outdoor community send off (with social distancing) for Ms. Bean is planned.

Nassau County Beaches To Open For Exercise

Nassau’s beaches to reopen with limited hours and restricted to physical activities (no sitting).

Opening Beaches, First Step Toward Restarting Economy

At the root of our economy is the beach – an open beach.

New Main Beach Boardwalk Nearing Completion

FERNANDINA BEACH –Main Beach Park’s new boardwalk (Phase II), has been under construction on the northeast side of the city’s biggest oceanfront park. See photo gallery.

Amelia Island Beaches Remain Closed

With the surprising news out of Jacksonville that beaches were reopening, local residents awaited the outcome of a Nassau County meeting about Amelia Island’s beaches.

Life A. C. — “After Coronavirus”

We must confront and address the reopening of our local economy, from the beaches to small businesses to hotels and restaurants.