Keep Nassau Beautiful Free Tree Giveaway

An Adopt-A-Tree drive-through event at three locations in Nassau County will provide one or two free trees to residents.

A Keep Nassau Beautiful (KNB) program, 500 trees suitable for planting here in northeast Florida will be given away to local Nassau residents in celebration of Florida Arbor Day.

Watch Youtube Video, “Tree Planting 101 for 2021”

According to KNB, 3-gallon trees will be distributed for free during three drive-through events scheduled during January 2021. However, registration is required to reserve trees in advance for the giveaway, and takes a few steps, as follows: the review of a “tree fact sheet,” watching a YOUTUBE video (online training about trees), plus completing the registration form to receive a free tree voucher.

The sponsor of this event is Liberty Landscape Supply, and either one or two free trees will be offered to registered residents for planting on their property. The species that will be offered, according to Keep Nassau Beautiful, are Black Cherry, Dahoon Holly, Flowering Dogwood, Fringetree, Red Maple, Southern Red Cedar and Winged Elm.

Selecting the right tree for the right place is part of this educational effort, and why the process noted above for registration will help residents choose the best tree to thrive on their property. Also, residents need to know that they will be “responsible for watering the tree(s) 3 times per week for the first 3 months and then one or two times per week for the first year,” according to information provided by KNB.

Three Dates & Three Locations To Pick Up Trees

Note that masks and social distancing required for the tree giveaway events, and proof of residency. In Fernandina Beach, the tree drive-through event will be held on January 16, 2021 at the Peck Center from 9 a.m. until noon. The second location is in Callahan on January 23, 2021 at the Masonic Lodge (9 a.m. to noon). The final tree giveaway will be in Yulee on January 30, 2021, to take place at the Nassau County Road Department located on Gene Lasserre Blvd.

For full details about this Adopt-A-Tree event, with links to the YouTube tree planting training video and more info, see the Keep Nassau Beautiful website. Or send eMail to: [email protected] (phone 904-261-0165).