Right Whale Festival, Free Admission Event At Fernandina’s Main Beach

A fun, family-friendly, educational festival. Celebrate the winter arrival of this critically-endangered species to coastal waters off northeast Florida and Georgia, where whales give birth and nurse calves.

Listen to live music, get a bite to eat, and explore educational exhibits near the seaside in Fernandina Beach. The North Atlantic Right Whale Festival is happening on Amelia Island at Main Beach Park the first weekend in November 2021. (See highlights by watching the Right Whale Festival video further below.)

** NEWS UPDATE ** — 11/4/2021 — Due to inclement weather (Nor’easter arriving Friday), what was to be a 2-day Festival has been revised to a 1-day event. The Right Whale Festival announced decision to hold the Festival on Sunday (only), November 7, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Whale Population Drops To Lowest Level In Nearly 20 Years

North Atlantic Right Whales arrive each winter in the coastal waters off Amelia Island and elsewhere here in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Recently announced on October 25, 2021, the worldwide population of North Atlantic Right Whales is just 336, the lowest estimate in nearly 20 years according to the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium. This number is 8% lower than a previous estimate in 2019.

North Atlantic Right Whale Infinity with newborn calf off Amelia Island, Florida, January 17, 2021. Photo by FWC.
North Atlantic Right Whale Infinity with newborn calf off Amelia Island, FL last season.
November 2021 Right Whale Festival

The Festival in Fernandina Beach will offer vendor booths, educational exhibits and lectures for adults. There will also be food trucks, lots of fun activities for kids, plus live musical entertainment on the Festival’s stage.

Watch Right Whale Festival Video

See highlights of the Right Whale Festival, watch video below.

“Right Whale Volunteer Training: What You Can Do To Save Right Whales”

Julie Albert of the Marine Resources Council Right Whale Monitoring Program will speak at the Right Whale Festival’s lecture tent at noon. Attendees will learn more about seeing right whales from shore and what you can do to help.

Wild Amelia

Amelia Island’s Wild Amelia Nature Festival is an event normally held in May each year, but was canceled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Recently, Wild Amelia announced they will be hosting some activities during the Right Whale Festival 2021. This mini version of the annual Wild Amelia Nature Festival will have a “Kids Niche” with nature activities and also feature some live animal exhibits.

More Information

Learn more at RightWhaleFestival.com website.