Nassau One Of Top 10 Florida Counties With Homes Selling Fastest

Nassau County, with its popular beaches of Amelia Island and historic riverfront city of Fernandina Beach, was ranked #7 of all Florida counties.

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Where Are Homes Selling The Fastest In Florida?

The state of Florida has 67 counties. Whether you’re thinking about selling a Florida home or moving into the Sunshine State during 2024, here’s a look at the counties where home sales happened quickest (from listing date to sold).

The ranking of Florida counties was reported by Stacker on April 1, 2024. The analysis was done using Redfin data, and shows the median number of days a home was listed before it sold (see “Top 10” list further below).

Northeast Florida’s Nassau County, with its popular beaches of Amelia Island and historic riverfront city, Fernandina Beach, was ranked #7 of all Florida counties (with median days at 50).

Nassau County, Florida map satellite image. Amelia Island at the Florida-Georgia border near Cumberland Island.
Whether you’re a Nassau County resident, or thinking about moving into this popular Northeast Florida coastal county, data from Redfin indicated Nassau’s median home sales price of $505,000 (the highest of all the “Top Ten” Florida counties listed below).

By comparison to Nassau County, FL (with the highest median sales price of $505,000), the lowest median price of homes sold the fastest were located in Polk County, Florida, at $319,995, ranking #10 on this “Top 10” list. Nassau County is the only county in the Northeast Florida region appearing on this “fastest home sales list.”

Note there’s a time lag between compiling the data and reporting. This homes sales data reported on April 1, 2024 by Stacker was for sales during month of February 2024 (using Refin data).

Florida Top Ten Fastest Home Sales’ Counties (Feb.2024)
  • #1 Seminole County – Median days: 39
  • #2 Orange County – Median days: 40
  • #3 Alachua County – Median days: 44
  • #4 Pasco County – Median days: 45
  • #5 Pinellas County – Median days: 46
  • #6 Hillsborough County – Median days: 47
  • #7 Nassau County – Median days: 50, Median Sales Price: $505,000, Total homes sold: 143
  • #8 Sarasota County – Median days: 52
  • #9 Lake County – Median days: 52
  • #10 Polk County – Median days: 55, Median Sales Price: $319,995, Total Homes Sold: 1,168
What Was Criteria To Appear On Florida List?

Criteria to make the list included only Florida counties that had at least 100 home sales and these sales were quicker than the state’s median days. “Median” represents the middle of a data set, (so half the sales took longer, while the other half took fewer days on the market). 

Wondering how the above median days on the market compares to Florida’s statewide median? According to Stacker“the typical home was on the market 62 days.” 

NATIONWIDE MIGRATION — What States Are Being Searched The Most For Potential Moves?

It’s no secret that Florida has been one of the most desirable states to move into for years, with many more moving into the Sunshine State than moving out. So far this year, Florida homes have gotten the most interest (home searches done during January 2024 — March 2024), according to Redfin. An analysis of this home search data (around 2 million users visiting, shows the top five states where users viewed homes (at least ten homes within 3-month period to buy, not rent), are as follows: #1 Florida (33,000 searches), #2 Arizona (12,000), #3 North Carolina (11,000), #4 South Carolina (10,000), and #5 Tennessee (9,000).

More About Nassau County, FL

The coastal county of Nassau is the most northeastern area in the state of Florida with beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Further to the west in Nassau County are the more rural areas of Callahan, Hilliard, and Bryceville. A high concentration of development in Nassau County is the burgeoning Yulee area. Both population growth in Nassau and Amelia Island’s continuing tourism growth (along with commensurate retail/commercial development in Nassau County east of Interstate 95), has impacted the amount of traffic along the busy main corridor leading to/from Amelia Island, especially during commuting hours, the busier summer season, and top events happening on Amelia Island. (Pictured above, traffic heading west over the Shave Bridge from Amelia Island going toward Yulee and traffic coming onto Amelia Island over bridge heading east.)