Garden Travel Winter

Dining Out At The Sprouting Project

Sprouting Project dinners begin with a cocktail hour tour of Omni’s aquaponic greenhouse, barrel room and apiary followed by a harvest-inspired 5-course meal.

Autumn Garden

Florida Noxious Weed Elephant Ear

Is this invasive plant in your yard? Elephant ear can be seen growing around Fernandina Beach. Not native, it’s considered a Florida noxious weed.

Garden Summer

Tree Care: Are You Mulching Trees Properly?

To prevent future tree problems, mulch area that is the diameter of tree at breast height multiplied by 3. This is a large area under old oak trees.


‘Tis The Season For Caterpillars

It’s the time of the year when caterpillars will be showing up in our plants and feasting on the leaves.