Nature Spring

Old Town Fernandina “Living Shoreline” Project

An interesting environmental project is underway, the Old Town Fernandina Living Shoreline Project (A.K.A. the “Crab Trap” Project). According to the St. Marys’ Riverkeeper, the objective is “to establish a wave break that will halt or slow erosion of the marsh while simultaneously providing oyster habitat, and to reestablish lost marsh vegetation along the shoreline […]

Beaches Nature

10 Ways To Help Our Ocean

List of 10 Tips — How To Help Ocean. On Amelia Island we are privileged to have over 13 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Beaches Nature Winter

Right Whale News & 2019 Festival

The North Atlantic right whale season is November through March around the Florida-Georgia border. Adult females of this endangered species give birth off this region’s shores and nurse their calves.

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This Seashore Superhero Saves Lives

Some may be shocked to learn the value of the horseshoe crab species to mankind. Instrumental in saving lives around the world, they are in growing need to be saved themselves.