Cuban Buttercup, Propagating Dracaena, Shade Tolerant Grass

University of Florida faculty member & Nassau County Extension Horticultural Agent, Rebecca Jordi answers gardening questions in “Garden Talk”…

Hike, Bike & Nature: Egans Greenway, Amelia Island

Egans Greenway is a 300-acre preserve. It’s a peaceful, natural area, great for a bike ride, hike, nature & wildlife observation & photography. WATCH VIDEO.

Crepe Myrtle Pruning, Gardenia Stress, Florida Fall Season Tomatoes

In August, it’s time to plant fall tomatoes in northeast Florida. Prune suckers from Crepe Myrtle trees any time of the year.

Fernandina Beach Resident Takes on BP Oil

Charis Moule may be tiny, but her smallish stature has not kept her from filing a class-action lawsuit against BP Oil over 401(k) stock losses.

Amelia Island Plantation Auction Sale August 23

One of Florida’s premier golf & tennis oceanfront resorts, Amelia Island Plantation will have a new owner. By end of summer, the winning bid for this stunning property should be revealed.

Volunteers Help to Keep Nassau’s Beaches Beautiful

Our beaches on Amelia Island in northeast Florida are as white and spacious and bountiful as ever, despite what is happening on the Gulf Coast.

MOMENTS IN HISTORY: Gregor MacGregor Captures Amelia Island, Florida

193 years ago, Gregor MacGregor captured Amelia Island from Spain. Soon after, pirate Luis Aury took control. Then the US purged the island.

Crusade of Hope & Inspiration: Tim Lee

Journey church of Fernandina Beach brings in Vietnam veteran & inspirational speaker, Tim Lee. Reviving hope with his message.