Ballooning Debt, Bills Rising Like Helium Balloons, Taxes

If it feels like your monthly electric and food and insurance bills are rising like a helium balloon on a windy day, stay tuned.
The tax man is likely to come knocking next. With a ballooning federal debt and a free-spending government, there is a likelihood of a plethora of tax increases…

White Oak Animal Conservation Center

The legendary White Oak Plantation houses a Conservation Center, a natural sanctuary where exotic animals roam in Nassau County, Florida.

Tasty Homegrown Heirloom Tomatoes & Native Florida Plants

Tasty Homegrown Florida Heirloom Tomatoes: The appeal of growing your own tomatoes may come from your taste buds, wallet, or even food safety issues. For some, though, it’s the personal satisfaction of growing and picking the backyard bounty from garden plots or patio container pots. Read more about growing tomatoes in Florida.

Florida Real Estate Valuations Translate to Lower Government Revenues

The impact of a slowing commercial sector has been delayed, as compared with residential real estate. There have been copious reports of the 20 to 40 percent declines in residential real estate values across the country. Another consequence of the economic downturn is not as publicized. It is also related to real estate — and the falling values…