Florida’s Governor Calls Legislative Session To Counter Biden’s Political Moves

Ron DeSantis believes people can make their own decisions and government should stay out of the way.

Right Whale Festival, Free Admission Event At Fernandina’s Main Beach

A fun, family-friendly, educational festival. Celebrate the winter arrival of this critically-endangered species to coastal waters off northeast Florida and Georgia, where whales give birth and nurse calves.

Hedge Funds, Cash Buyers Scooping Up Scarce Supply of Residential Real Estate

Instead of reinvesting their money into richly valued U.S. stocks or low-yielding bonds, hedge funds have turned to buying houses in booming locations.

Riverfront Project Underway To Help Fortify Fernandina From Flooding

The Amelia River Waterfront Stabilization Project aims to add better flood protection for Fernandina’s downtown riverfront area.