Beaches Nature Sea Turtles Summer

Amelia Island Sea Turtle Nest Excavations

One of the best educational experiences at the beach on Amelia Island is observing a sea turtle nest excavation. Watch this video for a glimpse of what you might see during these digs.

Beaches Nature Summer

Dune Dwellers, Amelia Island’s Gopher Tortoises

The threatened GOPHER TORTOISE has a presence in all 67 Florida counties, dwelling in dunes and upland habitat “including forests, pastures and yards.”

Nature Sea Turtles Spring

Wild Amelia Nature Festival

The Wild Amelia Nature Festival happens in May each year and kicks off with a release of rehabbed sea turtles at Main Beach in Fernandina.

Autumn Garden

Native American Groundnut’s Fascinating History; Verticut Your Grass?

The Pilgrims of New England survived their first few winters by living on native American groundnut, prized by early American settlers. They were deemed so valuable to the colonists that if an Indian dug Groundnuts on English land, they would be “set in stocks, and for a second offense, whipped.”

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Horseshoe Crabs Are Life-Saving Medical Miracle

The horseshoe crabs’ blue blood has been called a “medical miracle,” and the “biomedical equivalent of gold.” One quart of horseshoe crab blood is reportedly worth $15,000.


AMELIA ISLAND BLOOMS: Wildflower Walk, Egans Greenway

Besides being an ideal place to observe birds and alligators, take a wildflower walk in Egans Greenway.