Fernandina Beach, Microcosm of Nation’s Capital

Fernandina Beach is removed from the bustle of big towns, but offers a unique vantage point. You see, the tiny town has a front-row seat to the political zaniness in Washington, D.C. The same political dysfunction is occurring here — a microcosm of the nation’s capital. Read opinion column by Steve Nicklas.

Forward Fernandina Plan Expensive, Controversial

Not only is the Forward Fernandina plan expensive, but it contains more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Maybe that is why it has become so controversial.

Fernandina City Officials’ Tax, Borrow & Spend Approach

Fernandina Beach has earned another distinction that places it within the top five percent of the cities in Florida. Of all the cities in the state, only five percent (or one out of 20) raised its property tax rate this year and also borrowed a significant amount of money. This is a dubious distinction.