Florida Housing Market: Rising Home Sales and Prices 3Q 2014

Closed sales of single-family homes in the Sunshine State during the 3Q 2014 were up 7.6 percent over the 3Q 2013 figure. Florida leads the nation in housing cash sales during the 3Q 2014, with a higher percentage of cash sales than any other state.

Where Are The Wealthy Moving? Money Trail Leads To Florida

A book, “How Money Walks,” indicates that more wealth has migrated to the state of Florida, than any other state in America during the last two decades. Also, the amount of money moving to Florida beats other states by a huge margin — more than three times as much as the next runner up (Arizona). Why do the wealthy choose Florida? Read more…

DEAL SEEKERS: House Hunters Eye Florida Real Estate

INSIDE SCOOP: Where do today’s homebuyers and renters want to live TOMORROW? FLORIDA, FLORIDA, FLORIDA. Of the top 10 US metros where demand among online house hunters is strongest, seven are located in the Sunshine State according to Trulia’s Metro Movers Winter 2012 Report.