Cumberland Nature

Gopher Tortoise Study On Cumberland Island

A study of gopher tortoises has been underway for four years on Cumberland Island. Watch interesting video, learn why fire benefits this species and pine habitat.


November Nature Activities At Talbot Islands

Explore northeast Florida nature at Big and Little Talbot, two islands located just off Amelia Island’s southend. Special hosted tours and bluegrass music festival fundraiser for conservation efforts.

Beaches Nature Summer

Dune Dwellers, Amelia Island’s Gopher Tortoises

The threatened GOPHER TORTOISE has a presence in all 67 Florida counties, dwelling in dunes and upland habitat “including forests, pastures and yards.”


GARDEN TALK: Gopher Tortoises, Bright Yellow Carolina Jessamine

Have you seen Gopher Tortoises in Amelia Island’s sand dunes? They are most active during the warmest parts of the day, and represent “a healthy, balanced environment.” Grow Carolina Jessamine in full sun or shade, it’s drought tolerant and not picky about the soil. Read more about northeast Florida nature and gardening topics.