‘Tis The Season For Caterpillars

It’s the time of the year when caterpillars will be showing up in our plants and feasting on the leaves.

Garden Spring

Florida Garden Talk Q & A

Florida gardeners, it’s not too late to plant certain herbs, vegetables, bulbs and annuals. See suggestions. Plus answers on additional topics.

Autumn Garden

Beautiful Moth & Savannah Grass

University of Florida/IFAS Extension Director for Nassau County, Rebecca Jordi, provides expertise and tips about landscaping and gardening in northeast Florida. QUESTION: I would like to plant a different kind of ornamental grass in an area of my yard. Any ideas? KM JORDI: We are trying out a new ornamental grass called Savannah ruby grass, […]

Garden Summer

In The Garden: Agapanthus Flowers, Brown Thrasher, Beetles

Q &A about northeast Florida gardening and landscaping.