FLORIDA GARDENING: Buttonbush, Growing Almonds, and Pesky “No-see’ums”

Buttonbush is a native plant which occurs in swamps, ponds, and stream banks throughout Florida. Almond trees, Prunis dulcis, prefer warm, dry summers and we have hot, humid summers here in Northeast Florida. Learn more about gardening and landscaping topics from the experts at Nassau County Extension.

July 2013 Florida Gardening Clinics by Nassau County Extension

Learn from Florida Master Gardeners how to create a kitchen compost container and composter for your yard at FREE CLASS being offered by the Nassau County Extension in Yulee. Bring problem plant samples to clinics for diagnosis and solution (another free service available to Nassau County, Florida residents).

NASSAU COUNTY: Banner Year For Wildflowers in Northeast Florida

Beautiful surprises are blooming in local landscapes thanks to recent rains. The pretty pink wildflower, Rosegentian, attract bees, butterflies and birds. On Amelia Island, venture into Egans Creek Greenway in Fernandina Beach to see this lovely wildflower growing in abundance along the trail near the Hickory Street entrance bridge.