Growing Gardenias; Palms For Colder Northeast Florida Winters

Having issues with your gardenias? Or perhaps you have “frizzle top?” (Not a “bad hair day” in Florida’s humid climate, but rather brown, twisted palm fronds.) Get answers from the gardening experts at Nassau County, Florida Extension…

SALT & LIME: Florida Gardening Tips

While salt and lime go well with Tequila poolside, they may be unwanted companions in Florida landscapes. If you’re a coastal dweller in northeast Florida, learn about salt tolerant plants for the garden (BONUS: some suggestions attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.) CAVEAT: Don’t add lime to your Florida lawn! (But use it for vegetable gardens.)

Tasty Homegrown Heirloom Tomatoes & Native Florida Plants

Tasty Homegrown Florida Heirloom Tomatoes: The appeal of growing your own tomatoes may come from your taste buds, wallet, or even food safety issues. For some, though, it’s the personal satisfaction of growing and picking the backyard bounty from garden plots or patio container pots. Read more about growing tomatoes in Florida.