Garden Spring

Northeast Florida Garden Talk

Learn about native azaleas and other Florida gardening topics from the Nassau County Extension.

Autumn Garden

Don’t Add Soil On Top Of Tree Roots

University of Florida/IFAS Extension Director for Nassau County, Rebecca Jordi, answers questions, provides expertise and tips about landscaping and gardening in northeast Florida. Garden Talk Q & A QUESTION: I added about 12 inches of soil around my house and on top of my trees. I lost several pine trees within a few days. Is […]

Garden Winter

LAWN CARE: Plant Sod In Winter Or Wait Till Spring?

ST. AUGUSTINEGRASS: Gardening tips for your Florida lawn & how best to maintain it. Should you aerate?


GARDEN TALK: Cut Milkweed in Fall

NORTHEAST FLORIDA: Cut milkweed to encourage monarchs to migrate. When to water new sod & fruit tree tips.