North Florida Development Projects Signal Remarkable Turnaround Story

North Florida commercial and residential developments are making a renewed run of prosperity, centered in Jacksonville but emanating to outlying areas such as Nassau County..

NASSAU COUNTY, FLORIDA: Spring 2013 Brings Sweet Fragrance of Economic Activity

The ubiquitous azaleas are starting to bloom — a surefire sign that spring has come to Nassau County. But something else is happening here. In the air, there is a sweet fragrance of economic activity. The housing market appears to be recovering, retail sales are somewhere between solid and spectacular, and corporate activity is robust. That adds up to a profitable formula.

Nassau County, Florida’s Investments In Our Future

These are exciting times in Nassau County — even though we may not realize it. There are some investments happening in the community that will pay valuable dividends down the road. They have significant ramifications for the area’s economy and way of life. They are clearly investments in our future. See Steve Nicklas’ TOP 10 list.