Get Outdoors! Seasonal Shift, Autumn Events

Autumn is an ideal time to be outdoors hiking, biking, and exploring outdoor venues. Enjoy these special seasonal events around Amelia Island.

October’s Free Gardening Clinics & Plant Sale

Learn how to create a wildlife-friendly yard to attract birds and butterflies. Don’t miss plant sale at Nassau County’s Yulee Extension office.

Honoring Veterans, Fernandina Parade & Fort Clinch History of the American Solider

The annual Veterans Day Parade is 11 am on Saturday, Nov. 8th in downtown Fernandina. Fort Clinch State Park also salutes vets with “History of the American Soldier,” tribute.

Native American Groundnut’s Fascinating History; Verticut Your Grass?

The Pilgrims of New England survived their first few winters by living on native American groundnut, prized by early American settlers. They were deemed so valuable to the colonists that if an Indian dug Groundnuts on English land, they would be “set in stocks, and for a second offense, whipped.”