Florida Lawn Dying? Fungi and TARR

Northeast Florida went from drought conditions to excessive rain. Lawns are dying. Learn why and what to do.

Seaside Suds: What’s Brewing in Fernandina?

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Happy Ending For Fernandina Landmark?

CENTRE STREET RENAISSANCE: A happy ending might be on the horizon for Fernandina’s Old Post Office building.

Florida’s Fireworks Loophole

Most of Florida fireworks sales are via a loophole in the law. Some may misunderstand what fireworks are legal in Florida.

Tagging Manatees In Cumberland Sound

Manatees are being electronically tagged to monitor movements, especially near Kings Bay Submarine Base.

Digging For Treasure on Big Talbot

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? Learn about archaeological dig on Big Talbot Island.

Another Costly Study? Amelia River Waterfront Plan

Same old movie with a recurring theme: “How Can We Improve the Downtown Waterfront?”

Know What Drowning Looks Like

Drowning is quiet. If you imagine you’d notice someone splashing and calling for help, you’d be mistaken. Learn about instinctive drowning response.