Cumberland Island Fall Ferry Schedule

The ferry service from St. Marys, Georgia to Cumberland Island National Seashore during fall season runs 7 days a week from October 1st through November 30, 2018. It’s a 45 minute ferry ride over to the island. (Also read related article, “Cumberland Island Tourist Tips.”) Fall Ferry Times The ferry to Cumberland Island departs St. […]

Cumberland Island National Seashore Closed Since Irma

Cumberland Island ferry & camping cancelled through Nov. 11, 2017. Ferry dock destroyed in St. Marys, GA.

The 2018 Cumberland Island Quarter

The U.S. Mint is issuing a Cumberland Island, GA quarter in 2018.

Tagging Manatees In Cumberland Sound

Manatees are being electronically tagged to monitor movements, especially near Kings Bay Submarine Base.

Island Hopping: Amelia, Cumberland, Talbot Islands

Island hop around the Amelia Island area at FL-GA border. LOCATION! Amelia is uniquely situated, so it’s easy to explore a few barrier islands, snugly clustered.

Cumberland Island After Hurricane Matthew

The National Seashore closed after 10-7-2016 hurricane Matthew, to re-open soon.

Visit National Parks Near Florida-Georgia Border

Just north and south of Amelia Island near the Florida-Georgia border are exceptional National Parks to visit. Cumberland Island and the Timucuan Ecological Historic Preserve.

Animal Encounters, Cumberland Island

National Park explorers journey to Cumberland Island, Georgia, launching kayaks from Fernandina’s Fort Clinch to begin their adventure. Watch “Rock The Park,” animal encounters.