In The Garden: Agapanthus Flowers, Brown Thrasher, Beetles

Q &A about northeast Florida gardening and landscaping.

Seeding A Florida Lawn, Slime Mold & Citrus Greening

Ever heard of “slime mold?” Learn more about both Zoysiagrass, St. Augustinegrass, plus citrus psyllids and citrus greening.

Plant Florida-Friendly Bee Balm (Horsemint)

A wildflower, Bee balm or Horsemint (Monarda punctata), is very easy to grow, attracts butterflies and produces fragrant, beautiful flowers lasting from summer through the fall.

Plant Gatsby Oakleaf Hydrangea For “Ages of Pleasure”

One of her “favorites,” the director of the Nassau County Extension, Rebecca Jordi, recommends planting Oakleaf Hydrangea.

TREASURED TREE: Amelia Island’s State Champion Pine

Imagine a tree that takes five people to reach around it. It grows on Amelia Island and is Florida’s “state champion” Loblolly pine tree.

LAWN CARE: Plant Sod In Winter Or Wait Till Spring?

ST. AUGUSTINEGRASS: Gardening tips for your Florida lawn & how best to maintain it. Should you aerate?

How To Care For Holiday Plants — Poinsettias & Christmas Cactus

Learn more about taking care of popular holiday plants, poinsettias and Christmas cactus.

GARDEN TALK: Cut Milkweed in Fall

NORTHEAST FLORIDA: Cut milkweed to encourage monarchs to migrate. When to water new sod & fruit tree tips.