Growing Gardenias; Palms For Colder Northeast Florida Winters

Having issues with your gardenias? Or perhaps you have “frizzle top?” (Not a “bad hair day” in Florida’s humid climate, but rather brown, twisted palm fronds.) Get answers from the gardening experts at Nassau County, Florida Extension…

SALT & LIME: Florida Gardening Tips

While salt and lime go well with Tequila poolside, they may be unwanted companions in Florida landscapes. If you’re a coastal dweller in northeast Florida, learn about salt tolerant plants for the garden (BONUS: some suggestions attract butterflies and hummingbirds, too.) CAVEAT: Don’t add lime to your Florida lawn! (But use it for vegetable gardens.)

Tasty Homegrown Heirloom Tomatoes & Native Florida Plants

GARDEN TALK — Read more about growing tomatoes in Florida.

Northeast Florida: Growing Brussels Sprouts, Best Grapefruit Trees

Growing Brussels Sprouts and grapefruit in northeast Florida. Read the latest Florida gardening tips from Nassau County, Florida horticultural agent.