Kelley and Young For Citizen-Friendly Government

Kelley and Young are tirelessly championing frugal, streamlined, citizen-friendly government. Less spending. Fewer taxes. More efficiency. Being a lone voice on a commission or board can be lonely, however. Especially when you are the new politician on the block.

Not a bright idea

EDITOR’S NOTE: Contributing columnist, Steve Nicklas, expresses his views and insights on various topics in Marketplace column. ___ STEVE’S MARKETPLACE ____ It seems the three Fernandina Beach city commissioners who had the bright idea to replace the twinkling tree lights in downtown with dim, obstructive ground lights are standing their ground. It appears Susan Steger, […]

Fernandina Full Throttle With Tax-and-Spend Mode

Fernandina Beach city officials want to borrow nearly $10 million to undertake several pet projects that are hardly “urgent.” They continue full throttle with a tax-and-spend mode, this time with non-voter debt.

Appeal of Amelia Island Lures Tourists, Rich & Famous

It is the prestigious brand of Amelia Island that draws tourists from around the world and earns accolades from travel publications. Tourism numbers are improving dramatically over last year. And while some come to visit, others come to stay. Famed author John Grisham has reportedly purchased several oceanfront lots.