Birder Alert! Beautiful Painted Buntings on Amelia Island

What’s North America’s most colorful song bird? The male Painted Bunting, vivid blue, red, and green. Lucky Amelia islanders have the opportunity to get a glimpse of this beautiful wild bird.

Fernandina Beach Fishing Rodeo Tournament in August

A family-oriented tournament, fish for deep sea species and backwater species $100 per boat entry fee. Fernandina Beach Fishing rodeo tournament August 5-7, 2011. Also fish for kingfish, an SKA-sanctioned fishing tournament, $350 entry fee.

Amelia Island Sea Turtle Nests 2011

It was a particularly interesting beach bike ride. Fresh sea turtle trails led away from new sea turtle nests in Fernandina Beach, not yet washed away by the tide.

FORT CLINCH: Free Kids’ Fishing Clinic

Free salt water fishing, free rod & reels, and free hotdogs, too! Fishing fun in Fernandina.

767 Florida Manatee Deaths in 2010, Double Recent Years

Shocking number of manatees died in 2010, many due to cold stress

“Tis The Season” For Wintering Whales Near Amelia Island

Facing extinction, critically endangered North Atlantic right Whales migrate to give birth in waterways off northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

Hummingbirds Love Coral Bean Flowers

Want to attract hummingbirds to your Florida garden? Try planting coral bean, a native Florida shrub.

Great Minds Meet at White Oak

Sanctuary for man & beast offering ultimate seclusion, White Oak has hosted global policy makers & top celebrities. Now seeking corporate meetings.