Amelia Island Kayaking

See what it’s like to take a guided kayaking tour in the salt marsh around the Amelia Island area (2-minute video), a fun outdoor adventure to experience coastal nature.

Fernandina’s Fantastic Fudge Attracts Crowds on Sultry Summer Evenings, Historic Centre Street

Where’s a good place to go for a special frozen treat on Amelia Island? When in the downtown historic district, there’s one corner, a sweet spot, home to Fernandina’s Fantastic Fudge. Hard to miss, it’s usually busy year round with people flowing out to the sidewalk. But on sultry summer evenings it’s a buzzing hub of activity.

Northeast Florida Attracting Corporations, Lifestyle Pleasing Executives

When Deutsche Bank opened its offices in Jacksonville several years ago and established trading capabilities, they enticed traders on their New York City desks to relocate here. They promised these traders that they could return after completing their commitment. So how many of the 40 traders opted to return to New York City? None. They prefer the lifestyle and natural amenities (weather, beaches, lack of congestion, etc.) in North Florida — and the lower taxes.

Tracking Turtles: Amelia Island’s 2013 Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Sea Turtle Watch volunteers monitor Amelia Island’s beaches daily, mark new nests, and record data after the nests have hatched. Watch a sea turtle nest excavation, a wonderful learning experience.