Deficits, National Debt And Undisciplined Federal Spending

Editor’s note: Contributing columnist, Steve Nicklas, expresses his views and insight on various topics in Marketplace. — Steve’s Marketplace — Our federal government provides a not-so-shining example of how overspending can push anyone or anything off a financial cliff – into Grand Canyon-like depths.  The accumulating interest on the national debt engulfs our country like […]

NEFBA Sees Attractive Future For Home Building In Nassau County, Florida

Communities are either growing, shrinking, or stagnating. The objective is to control growth/revitalization, not to stop it. 

Illegal Migration Brings The Border To Us

Migrant flights carrying illegals are common, almost routine, to airports around the United States.

U.S. Congressman Aaron Bean Serves Constituents

Observations & insights — U.S. Representative Bean’s busy first eight months in office.