Is Brett’s Final Sunset Coming At Current Location?

City of Fernandina Beach may condemn the pier holding popular restaurant, Brett’s Waterway Cafe.

Fernandina Beach City Officials Lack Fiscal Frugality

The city’s borrowing and spending goes on.

A “Sign Of The Times” In The Restaurant Industry Goes Viral

A Fernandina Beach restaurant’s sign catches national media attention.

Florida’s Governor Pokes The Woke, Like Kicking A Fire Ants’ Nest

Ron DeSantis awoke before most other governors. When the media tries to poke holes in his policies, he taunts them.

More Business Competition Enters Nassau County Every Day

The writing is on the wall, like graffiti on a CSX rail car. We must read it, and act on it.

Work With Fernandina’s City Businesses – Not Against Them

Protestors have recently become commonplace at city meetings. Frustration has been brewing like a Mocama beer.

Economic Seeds Sprouting In Nassau County, FL

From the wealth of Amelia Island to the open spaces on the west side, Nassau County is a “microcosm” of Florida.

Fernandina’s Music Clampdown — Boat House Latest Biz Fined

By most accounts, the city ordinance regulating loud music is vague, as is the way music level is measured.