TROLLEY TOUR: Learn About Fernandina’s Heritage Trees

APRIL 2023 EVENTS — The Amelia Tree Conservancy has some special 10th anniversary events — trolley tour, keynote speaker and photo contest.

This year marks a decade since a dedicated group of community members got together and formed the Amelia Tree Conservancy (ATC), headed by Lyn Pannone. In April 2023, the ATC is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a few special events.

April 12, 2023 — Learn About “Balancing Development With The Tree Canopy,” at Fernandina Beach Golf Club

The director of the Nassau County Extension, Dr. Taylor Clem, is the keynote speaker during the Amelia Tree Conservancy’s 10th anniversary meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the city’s golf club (to RSVP see ATC link below).

April 15, 2023 — ATC Heritage Tree Trolley Tours

Two Fernandina Beach trolley tours are scheduled on April 15, 2023 at 11 a.m and 1 pm (each about an hour and a half). Learn about these trees and the importance of Amelia Island’s tree canopy. The tours depart from School Superintendent field at 1201 Atlantic Avenue in Fernandina and tickets cost $50 (purchase online).

The ATC is also seeking submissions for their heritage tree photo contest (amateurs only). For further information about the photo contest and all of the Amelia Tree Conservancy’s events, to RSVP and buy tickets, visit their website.

A Look Back — The 2013 Tree Controversy

The incident that triggered the formation of the Amelia Island Tree Conservancy was the destruction of some huge old oaks back in 2013. Amelia Island Living published an article at the time, “Amelia Island Tree Controversy: Ancient Oaks End Up In Wood Chipper.” (Some images at the time are below).

Ancient oak trees cut down at Flash Foods. Photos by Amelia Island Living magazine January 21, 2013.
Ancient Oak Trees Cut Down At Amelia Island’s Flash Foods (Jan. 21, 2013)

Many driving past the site were shocked to see what happened at this prominent intersection located at South Fletcher and First Coast Highway. (Photos taken at the Flash Foods site on January 21, 2013).