Highlights of “The Amelia” Concours d’Elegance (Feb. 29 – March 3, 2024)

IT’S SHOWTIME IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA — Amelia Island hosts an immersive motoring experience enjoyed by collectors, racing fans and car lovers, in general.

“The Hangar,” Auto & Aviation Exhibition At Fernandina’s Airport

Car collectors and enthusiasts can sip cocktails and stroll the tarmac at Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport browsing an exhibition of “spectacular aircraft plus exotic and rare cars.”

Amelia Concours 2023 — Overview of Auctions, Attendance & Economics

HAMMER TIME IN NE FLORIDA — Record Amelia Island auction sales in 2023 summed up. A rearview mirror glance at car culture extravaganza.

Ferris Bueller’s Red Ferrari Movie Car Sold in Fernandina Beach

POP CULTURE — A memorable movie car originally made for Paramount Pictures was auctioned by Bonhams at Fernandina Beach Golf Course.